9th Symposium

New Developments in Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology

Participants of the 9th Symposium

Global Gators 2013

Global Gators 2013


PC_congress-center1Congress Center

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

July 20, 2013




July 20, 2013


Prof. Hartmut Derendorf
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL USA
Dr. Wolfgang Kircher
St. Barbara-Apotheke
Peissenberg, Germany

Scientific Program

Keynote Speaker:

Systems Pharmacology: Personalized Medicine for the Future

leskoProfessor Larry Lesko

Director, Center for Pharmacometrics and System Pharmacology, University of Florida
Former Director of the Office of Clinical Pharmacology, FDA


Confirmed Speakers

  • Expanding Role of Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development
    • Dr. Sriram Krishnaswami, Pfizer
  • New Tricks for an Old Dog: Spectinamides as Novel Anti-tuberculosis Agents
    • Prof. Bernd Meibohn, University of Tennessee
  • Biosimilars – Hope or Hype
    • Dr. Robert Bell, Drug & Biotechnology Development
  • Challenges to Test Bioequivalence of Generic Inhalation Drugs
    • Prof. Guenther Hochhaus, University of Florida
  • PK/PD Modeling in Oncology Drug Discovery
    • Edgar Schuck, Eisai
  • Kidney Stones and Other Chronic Renal Disease. Is there a link?
    • Prof. Saeed Khan, University of Florida

Changes in Plasma Protein binding – Clinical Relevance Revisited

  • Oliver von Richter, Merck KGaA
  • How Systems Pharmacology Can Bring Value to the Patient
    •  Prof. Stephan Schmidt, University of Florida
  • Use of Psychotropic Medications in Children in the US
    • Prof. Almut Winterstein, University of Florida
  • Dynamic Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) Imaging in Drug Development
    • Dr. Wouter Driessen, iThera Medical, Munich
  • Interprofessionalism in Pharmacy Education
    • Prof. Carol Motycka and Prof. Jennifer Williams, University of Florida
  • Drug Interactions –  Seen From the Quality Manager’s Point of View
    • Dr. Markus Zieglmeier, Apotheke Klinikum Bogenhausen, Munich  and Claudia Goller, CG HealthCare and Services GmbH, Starnberg
  • Clinical Pharmacy – in Germany – Current Efforts
    • Dr. Olaf Rose, Elephantenapotheke, Steinfurt
  • Update on the M.S. in Clinical Pharmacy Program
    • Prof. Karen Whalen, University of Florida
  • Interaction Between Valproic Acid and Food
    • Prof. Han-Jung Chae, Chonbuk National University
  • DIADEMA: Pharmaceutical Care in Children and Adolescents with Diabetes Type 1 in Bosnien-Herzegovina and Germany
    • Dr. Emina Obarcanin, University of Dusseldorf
  • Medication Management on its way to the German community

    • Andreas Niclaus Foerster, Adler-Apotheke, Velbertf
  • Overview – Pharmacists Administering Immunizations
    • Prof. Michael McKenzie, University of Florida
  • PK and PD of antimicrobials: from basic theory to clinical practice in Japan
    •  Kazuro Ikawa, Hiroshima University
  • Drug Delivery Devices and Methods of “Doing Drugs”: Lessons from Street Pharmacologists
    • Prof. Paul Doering, University of Florida



Please mention GlobalGator Meeting when making your reservation

Reindl’s Partenkirchner Hof
Bahnhofstr. 15
Single: 115 euro
Double 170 euro or 260 euro
Reservation deadline June 1, 2013

Hotel Garmischer Hof
Chamonixtr. 10
Single 69.90 euro
Double 98 euro
Reservation deadline March 1, 2013

Hotel Konigshof
St.-Martin-Str. 4
Single 70 euro
80/90 euro
Reservation Deadline May 1, 2013

Dorint Sporthotel (further away from conference center)
Mittenwalder Strasse 59
Single 119 euro
Double 158 euro





Friday, July 19, 2013: EUR 125 or $165 per person

Saturday, July 20, 2013

  • Symposium and GlobalGator Dinner: EUR 125 or $165 per person
  • Student rate Symposium and GlobalGator Dinner: EUR 60 or $80 (Students, Interns)
  • Festive GlobalGator Dinner only: EUR 90 or $120 per person (Spouses, Partners, Friends)

Gator Network Day

Two different Program Options for the morning


Friday Morning
July 19, 2013 Program A

Cable Car Ride to EckbauerEcbauer

We will walk through the Partnach Gorge where you can witness the power of a mountain stream .

Partnach Gorge

 For a virtual tour, go here: http://www.partnachklamm-info.de/partnachklamm/Partnachklamm.swf .

Friday Morning
July 19, 2013 Program B

Cable Car Ride – WankWank

City Walk

Independent towns for centuries — and still separated by a train station and the Partnach river — Garmisch and Partenkirchen were forcibly grafted together in 1935, under Hitler’s orders, to host the next year’s Winter Olympics. Partenkirchen is the older of the two, dating to A.D. 15, when it was a Roman town called Partanum.


Friday Afternoon
July 19, 2013

Everyone meets for the Palace Tour and Dinner

Linderhof Palace

 Linderhof Palace 

He was the Michael Jackson of his time: King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the mad king (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_II_of_Bavaria). We will visit one of his castles, Linderhof Castle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linderhof), where he spent much time. There are some unusual features in this castle such as a dumb-waiter dining room table that could be set in the kitchen below and a Venus Grotto where the king would listen to music in a golden swan-boat,  combined with  one of the first light-shows.

Friday Evening
July 19, 2013


Panorama Hotel

We will enjoy a casual Bavarian evening and dinner on the terrace of this restaurant with one of the most beautiful views in Germany.  Enjoy Bavarian music, food and, of course, beer.








Das Bräustüberl
Fürstenstr. 2