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John Gums, Pharm.D., FCCP

John Gums

Associate Dean for Clinical and Administrative Affairs, Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine

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PHONE: 352-273-6308

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  • Fellowship in Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • Pharm.D., Medical University of South Carolina
  • B.S. in Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Gums is a Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine in the Departments of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research and Community Health and Family Medicine at the University of Florida. Additionally, he holds the title of Associate Dean for Clinical and Administrative Affairs in the College of Pharmacy. He received his undergraduate degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. Subsequently, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Gums is actively involved in teaching both in the College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine. He has received the Faculty Recognition Award from the College of Pharmacy, Exemplary Teacher Award from the College of Medicine, and twice was selected as Teacher of the Year by the University of Florida, Department of Family Medicine.

He has authored over 175 peered-review articles, 22 continuing education programs, and 22 book chapters. He has given over 90 invited presentations to national and international pharmacy and medical associations. He maintains an active clinical research program and is currently an investigator on a 5-year NIH trial evaluating the impact of a centralized cardiovascular risk service (MED-FOCUS).

Dr. Gums maintains membership in ASHP, AACP, and ACCP. He is a member of the Family Medicine Editorial Advisory Council for the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, and is a Scientific Editor for the journal Pharmacotherapy.  In 1993, he was appointed by the governor as a member of the State of Florida Pharmacy Services and Technical Review panel. In 1997, he received the Outstanding Clinical Practice Award from ACCP. In 2002, Dr. Gums was selected to represent both AACP and ACCP as a Primary Health Care Policy Fellow through the office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Washington DC. And in 2007, he was elected as a Fellow in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.


  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Florida Pharmacy Association


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