Student FAQ

How do I change rotations?

Occasionally, it is necessary to change Advanced Practice Experience sites for students. The procedure to change a rotation is as follows. You will have to petition to change a rotation. Forms are available in Sakai. You must petition 60 days in advance of the semester in which the rotation falls. Petitions are considered by the Academic Performance Committee and their decision is final. Attempts to change a rotation will not be done until the Academic Performance Committee has ruled on the petition. An approval by the committee does not guarantee the change will be made as other factors are a part of this process (i.e., if preceptor is available, etc.). The Office of Experiential Programs will send a memorandum to you and the faculty member about all changes in your Advanced Practice Experience schedule. If you have a question about which Advanced Practice Experience course you are registered for, please feel free to contact the Office of Experiential programs at 352-273-6227. The form should be completed and submitted by email through the “Submit by Email” button on the form.

How do I contact my preceptor?

You can find a list of preceptors, site locations, email addresses and phone numbers in PharmAcademic. If you find that the preceptor email or phone number is not up to date you can contact Lyndsay Ulmer at 352-273-6227.

What to do if you contact the site prior to arrival only to find your preceptor is no longer there?

First…. DON’T PANIC. Although this doesn’t happen often it does happen. Once you find that your scheduled preceptor is no longer at the rotation site you need to contact the Office of Experiential Program as soon as possible. Dr. Doty will find a suitable replacement rotation for you.

What do I do if I look on ONE.UF and notice I am missing a rotation grade?

Grades for rotations are only entered into the UF grading system in a window following the APR, JUN, AUG, OCT, DEC and FEB rotations. Therefore, if you have a rotation in March this grade will not show on ONE.UF until May. The Office of Experiential Programs does receive grades on a monthly basis and keeps in close contact with each preceptor regarding grades.

NOTE: No one has ever NOT graduated due to late grades.

What do I do if I look on ONE.UF and think a grade is incorrect?

Grades are submitted via the SUCCESS grading system. The first step is to review your SUCCESS evaluation and identify competencies/areas which you feel do not represent your performance. You should be able to identify clear examples of how you met the requirements for the competency so you can effectively communicate your concerns directly with the preceptor. The second step is to speak, preferably in person, with your preceptor so you can review the evaluation and share your concerns and present your evidence. The preceptor is required to change the evaluation in SUCCESS should he/she feel your evidence supported a change to the evaluation. The third step is to speak with your Regional Coordinator should you feel the preceptor was unresponsive or unfair in his/her evaluation. The fourth step is to meet in person with the PTR Department Chair to express your evaluation concerns. The Department Chair will make the final decision within the College as to whether the grade should be changed or remain the same.

What if I have a personal emergency that prohibits me from completing my scheduled rotation?

Should an emergency arise you must contact the Office of Experiential Programs immediately. If it is a short term situation that will prohibit only the completion of the current rotation we will do what we can to reschedule the rotation for one of your off months. If the emergency situation will be a long term then once the emergency has passed we will reschedule all missed rotations at the first available time.

Note: This may delay graduation.

What if I have housing and find out I will not be needing it?

If you have made housing arrangements at a site and decide to make other housing arrangements you must contact the Director of Housing at the site location. It is very likely that if you have made a deposit on the housing that you will forfeit your deposit.

Where do I fill out my evaluations for my rotations?

Rotation/Preceptor Evaluations are completed via PharmAcademic.