Preceptor FAQ

General Questions:

How do I get appointed as a new APPE preceptor?

The application to become a preceptor with the University of Florida of Pharmacy starts with contacting Melissa Willingham ( for application and general information. Ms. Willingham works with the Regional Coordinators assigned to the area to review the proposed rotation information and current rotation needs. New Preceptors are required to submit the biographical form, CV, site description*, rotation description* and syllabus if a need is determined. In addition, the Regional Coordinator is required to complete a site visit to evaluate the site and rotation before final approval.

*Samples of Site Rotation Descriptions

How do I get my Gator1 Card?

Your Gator1 Card identifies your association with the University of Florida and has your UF ID number printed on the card.  You can obtain a Gator1 Card on campus in Gainesville, or you can email a headshot picture of yourself (shoulders and head) to Melissa Willingham ( to have your Gator1 Card made here and sent to you.  You must be fully appointed and have already obtained your UF ID number to get your Gator1 card.

How do I obtain library access?

Access to the University of Florida Health Science Center Library is a preceptor benefit.  If you have not set this access up, or are having problems with it, please email Melissa Willingham ( for help and to get instructions on the type of access that will work best for you.

SUCCESS Questions:

How do I log into the SUCCESS grading system?

APPE preceptors use the SUCCESS system to evaluate students on their rotations.  If you have never used the SUCCESS system before, please contact Dr. Doty at for initial set up.

What do I do if I forget my SUCCESS password?

If you forget your password, type in “email” in the password blank and it should be emailed to you.

How will I know what grade I am giving?

The grade itself is blinded to the preceptor. You will only be able to assign the weighting to the competencies and assign “Excellent”, “Competent”, and “Deficient” to the student’s activities. The grade will be generated and sent to the college. The important point is that you will be evaluating the students based on what they have done. Their grade will follow naturally.

What if my rotation does not use one of the 13 competencies at all?

The weighting system is designed to work when zeros are entered in the grading. This means that any of the 13 competency areas can be left out of the calculation by setting the weighting to zero. When filling out the competency you can set all the options to “No Opportunity.”

For quality control you will be asked to enter  comparison numerical and letter grades. This will assist our office in ensuring that the SUCCESS grade is in line with your expectations.

Is it true a student could FAIL the rotation without the preceptor being aware it will happen?

This is highly unlikely. Students would have to be deficient in competency areas which have a high weight. It is unlike this would go unnoticed. Preceptors do need to be very aware of the sub-competencies within each competency area and provide feedback to the students to let them know their status. Mid-point evaluations are still essential.

Will the grades be adjusted based on how many rotations the students have completed to date?

Yes. This is built in to the calculation of the grade after it goes to the college. On the first few months of rotations the grade will have an adjustment factor that will decrease over time. This will allow preceptors to consider only what they see from the student when making the evaluation knowing that some compensation has been made for the student’s lack of experience.


To view more FAQ’s and a SUCCESS tutorial please go to and click on the “help” button below the log in information.