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Dean’s Honor Roll

The nature of the PharmD curriculum, with its many courses that do not coincide with 16 week semesters, more often than not produces incorrect data when reporting academic distinctions such as the Dean’s List.

Grade changes that were due to simple off-cycle reporting will always produce an inaccurate listing on the web.  There is simply nothing that can be done about that.

If you find that a late grade change has modified your standing, email Sarah Carswell( or Collin McLeod( in the Student Affairs office with that information, and we will update the web posting with your name.

You are encouraged to update your CV with academic distinctions based on semester grade point averages found in ISIS.  Students enrolled in professional curricula do not need to rely on web based announcements of such criteria.  You can be trusted to update your CV based solely on your academic transcript and hard work!