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M.S. in Pharmacy-Medication Therapy Management

The online Master of Science in Pharmacy in Medication Therapy Management is a 33-credit degree program designed for working professionals who wish to continue their career while gaining the innovative patient care and business skills needed to become a leader in the groundbreaking field of medication therapy management.  The online program can be completed in as little as five semesters with only two visits to the campus in Gainesville, Florida. The challenging curriculum will prepare pharmacists for an advanced level of practice that involves medication therapy management and direct patient care.  Read more about the Online Master of Science in Medication Therapy Management. For additional information about the online MS in Pharmacy-Medication Therapy Management, contact an enrollment advisor at (866) 226-8318.


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Student Information

MTM 2014 Academic Calendar

MTM 2015 Academic Calendar

MTM Withdrawal Policy 


Disability Resources

The University of Florida strives to provide effective, reasonable  accommodations for students, staff, faculty and visitors with disabilities.

Student classroom accommodation and other resources may be available by contacting the program administration at (352) 273-7605 and through the Disability Resource Center, the ADA Compliance Office.

Newly admitted students in need of accommodations related to participation in coursework should contact program administration upon admission to the program, or at minimum of two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Course Information

PHA 6631 Foundations of Medication Therapy Management I (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6632 Foundations of Medication Therapy Management II (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6633 MTM: A Cardiovascular Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6634 MTM: An Endocrine Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6635 MTM: MTM:A Renal Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6636 MTM: A Gastrointestinal Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6637 MTM: A Psychiatric Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6638 MTM: A Neurological Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6630 MTM: A Hematological Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

PHA 6639 MTM: A Respiratory Focus (3 cr.) Syllabus

Longitudinal Practice Project (3 cr.) Syllabus

Tuition/Mandatory Fee Schedule

Fall 2014 – Summer 2015 Graduate Rates

Tuition  $650.00
Capital Improvement Fee  $6.76
Financial Aid Fee  $22.43
Technology Fee  $6.56
Total per Hour  $685.75