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Pharm.D. Student Research Opportunities

Pharm.D. students have the opportunity to do research with faculty in the College of Pharmacy. Research may be undertaken during summer research projects, research electives and as part of APPEs.

Pharm.D. students are encouraged to explore research in the pharmaceutical sciences, including clinical research as part of their training in the college. The College of Pharmacy offers research experiences for credit during the summer as well as during the fall and spring semesters. Students interested in taking research elective(s) for credit, or in the research track, are encouraged to work with a faculty mentor for a research experience in translational or basic biomedical research during the summer after their first Pharm.D. year. Many students then follow-up this experience with additional research elective credits taken during the second or third year in the program.

For students interested in a research experience, it is important to:

  1. Identify possible mentors: This should start with research of the faculty profiles to identify one or more faculty whose research interests you and is willing to serve as a research mentor. You will need to meet with your mentor and establish a project for your research. This should be done early in the semester before the one in which you hope to do the research project.
  2. Complete the Research Elective Agreement form: This form must be completed BEFORE registering for the research elective.
  3. Complete the College Research Approval form: This form must be completed before the start of the project to determine the regulatory and compliance requirements of your project. The form will be reviewed by Ben Burkley, Regulatory Research Manager. For research involving animals or human subjects, students must show that the project has met IACUC or IRB requirements. Approval must be obtained in advance of data collection. As approval can be time consuming, it is important for students to think ahead. We strongly advise that students choose to work on previously approved projects, on non-human subject research, research based on literature reviews, or patient-oriented research based on chart reviews, surveys or questionnaires or evaluation of existing programs.
  4. Complete the requirements set by your faculty mentor: Keep in mind for research performed as a research elective, you are expected to spend at least 48 hours in the laboratory or research setting, and 96 hours of preparation time for each credit.

If you wish to use this research to qualify for academic honors, you must present your research and prepare a written report. Consult the section on College of Pharmacy Academic Honors for further information.

Students interested in pursuing the dual Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree program should consult the document on this program. These students are encouraged to participate in the Intensive Summer Research Program. This program will include full-time research (40 hours per week) in a laboratory over an eight-week period (the summer IPPE will be scheduled to accommodate participation). The program will include participation in a journal club during the program, and a presentation of the research at the conclusion of the program. Applications to this program can be found at the site for this program; applications are due by March 1 to