Donor Spotlights

Robert Crisafi

Crisafi Challenge
Class of ‘56

Robert Crisafi, Ph.D. ’56, created the Crisafi Challenge to support recruitment efforts of the best and brightest future Gator pharmacists. The inaugural Crisafi Challenge in 2015 raised more than $30,000 in 10 days, including Dr. Bob’s match of $10,000. The 2016 Crisafi Challenge raised more than $55,000, including Dr. Bob’s match of $20,000. Every dollar raised has supported scholarships for 16 deserving students upon their acceptance to the college. The 2017 Crisafi Challenge will be held August 31 – September 9, 2017 and Dr. Bob will match dollar-for-dollar every gift up to $40,000!

Richard Neal

Neal Family Scholarship
Class of ‘99

Richard graduated from high school 20 miles from UF in the small town of Williston, Fla. His mother’s family had several generations of pharmacists, and his father was a heavy equipment mechanic who ran his own business for 30 years. After getting an AS degree, Richard worked for nine years in electronics.

His grandmother “kept after me” to go back to school, he said. So while working, he continued taking classes for several years. It was her persistence that got him into pharmacy education 10 years after high school.

Establishing the $100,000 Neal Family Scholarship in honor of his grandmother, Richard said that it was also a tribute to his father, who passed away. His father was sociable and liked talking with customers. Now, he credits his dad’s trait for his own patient-care skills. It was his entire family’s support and encouragement that made him think about providing similar support to deserving pharmacy students.

“My father was the one that paid for everything and made sure we had what we needed. I was the only one on the Neal side of the family to go to college,” Richard said.

Bill McClintock

Academy of Excellence
Class of ‘70

Although he’s a registered pharmacist in three states, Bill McClintock didn’t follow the typical pharmacist career path. Entrepreneurship, years of work, and an interest in using technology to improve hospital pharmacy management, netted him a multi-million dollar business. Following the sale of his Atlanta-based company, medDISPENSE, Bill set up a charitable trust for the college through a $100,000 gift to the Academy of Excellence. His support will assist deserving pharmacy students by providing funds for professional meetings and educational events.

“My UF Pharmacy experience taught me how to work hard, and gave me the tools to be successful as a professional,” Bill said. “I then used them to learn management. It has helped me immensely over the years.”

After completing his military service in the army as a hospital pharmacist, Bill built on his experience and joined Owen Health Care, the largest hospital pharmacy management company in the United States. A regional vice president, based in Atlanta, he was responsible for the pharmacy operations of 100 hospitals in the southeast region. His region led the company in automation as he encouraged Owen to use this technology in its hospitals.

Jeanne L. Scheibler

Jeanne Scheibler Scholarship to support pharmacy students in need.
Class of ‘41

Jeanne created a trust fund for the Jeanne Scheibler Scholarship to support pharmacy students in need. She left a personal message to her future scholarship recipients.

“I wish them good luck and want them to study hard. You have to concentrate, even if your professor is boring, not go out and be playboys or playgirls,” Scheibler said. “After you graduate, start saving a nest egg; don’t spend everything you make. When I was in school, the only women on campus were in pharmacy and law, so the distractions were plentiful.”

Setting an example for students she later would help, Scheibler studied hard and was not distracted. She graduated first in her class. By establishing a planned gift to the UF College of Pharmacy, her legacy will forever be linked to a college recognized for its commitment to excellence in educating pharmacy students of the highest levels of promise and achievement.

David L. Bean

Helen and David Bean Campus of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Orlando
Class of ‘52

David L. Bean made a pledge 50 years after graduation to support his alma mater’s efforts to teach pharmacy students in Orlando. In recognition of his gift, the pharmacy campus — located within the new Lake Nona facility — is named the Helen and David Bean Campus of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Orlando.

Through the course of his 30 years in business, the Beans had acquired a five-acre parcel in Osceola County from a customer in payment of prescription bills. After his wife died in 2000, Bean initiated steps to donate the land located near Osceola Parkway and International Drive South to the University of Florida.

In 2007, the sale of this parcel brought a $1.2 million gift to the UF College of Pharmacy to begin searching for a new campus home for its Orlando students and faculty.

“My education from the University of Florida gave me a great opportunity to pursue a business I loved,” Bean said. “There comes a time to give back to the university, which has been so influential in my life.”

John "Dolph" Cone

Randolph Andrew Cone Memorial Scholarship
Class of ‘58

Each November, the UF Alumni Association holds a Grand Guard reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of graduation from the University of Florida. UF pharmacy alumnus, John “Dolph” Cone, in 2008 committed $25,000 in honor of his Grand Guard reunion. His gift created the Randolph Andrew Cone Memorial Scholarship in memory of his infant son who tragically died from cancer. Cone has pledged another $100,000 through a bequest, which will grow the scholarship funds to support pharmacy students.

“I remember my first introduction to pharmacy when I took Dean Foote’s course. Through that very early experience, I knew that pharmacy education suited me and that it would enable me to be the master of my destiny. I always say, that’s when pharmacy found me, and I found pharmacy.”

Many alumni feel the College of Pharmacy gave them the tools they needed to succeed in their careers and often want to say thank you by supporting future pharmacists. Each reunion class is challenged to continue the tradition of alumni giving by making contributions to support students and faculty within the college.

Valerie Griffith

The Valerie Calkin Griffith Faculty Development Fund
Class of ‘62

Valerie Griffith, a long-time supporter, has made a commitment to education and research at UF’s College of Pharmacy. Her bequest contributes to the Academy for Excellence, a fund that supports faculty development with the purpose of retaining and recruiting highly qualified professors and teachers, and supports the work and research of the faculty.

“I thought that a scholarship was a way that I could give others the chance that my parents gave me. It was the best way I could honor their sacrifice and their memory.”

In 2005, she created the Valerie Calkin Griffith Scholarship honoring her parents Claude and Hazel Calkin to support pharmacy students in good academic standing. Griffith’s gift was a way for her to honor her parents, whom she describes as hard-working people who believed in education.

“My parents were always supportive of my education, and felt that education was essential for everyone,” Griffith said.